Promote Your Tourist Destination

Because in Costa Rica we all support each other, we help you to publicize your tourist destination,
contact us to publish your ad.

The procedure to publish your tourist destination is very simple, contact us and a representative will respond as soon as possible requesting the information required to make the publication. Publishing on the internet will help you publicize your business and reach more people.

Our Benefits



You can publish your tourist destination on our web platform.

Expose your tourism destination to the world.

By making your publication, the exposure of your destination or business is considerably increased, the platform is available in Spanish and English, accessible from all over the world.

Get Statistics.

We count the impressions and views of your publication, so you can know how many people your publication reaches.

Promotion Plans

We offer three plans or types of publications, where we seek to make them accessible to both small and large businesses in the sector.



Not available.


₡12000/single payment 

Publish your tourist destination for as long as you want. You are entitled to some posts on our social networks and your tourist destination may appear in the reservations tab (if applicable).



With this plan you will have priority in the searches appearing in the first places of the results queue. In addition, your publication will appear dynamically on the home page in the featured section.

Start making your destination visible,
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